12 Birthday Gemstones and Their Meanings


12. Turquoise

The gemstone for people born in December is Turquoise. This blue-green gem is absolutely great, and it is one of the oldest protective amulets, which is thought to bring wealth, good fortune, and happiness. The most fascinating feature of this stone is the ability to absorb wearer’s negative energy and transform it to help find wisdom, peace and to find a connection with the universe.

Apart from that, many cultures believe that Turquoise takes on all the characteristics of the wearer. This azure heaven gift from nature stands for honesty, creativity, strength and renewal, truthfulness and success.

The properties of each gemstone have been noticed since ancient time and since then birthday gemstones have been analyzed and developed. Every birthday gemstone has something special about it and will open its powers to its wearer only. Do you believe that your birthday gemstone is the best talisman for you? Which one is yours?