7 Unexpected Places to Find Vintage Jewellery


Many women think it’s nearly impossible to find vintage jewellery, but the truth is, you just need to know where to look for it. As someone who likes vintage jewellery and wears it almost every day, I’m ready to share my secrets for a few places to find vintage jewellery.

1. Antique store

If you check out a few antique stores, your chances of buying some beautiful vintage jewellery will triple! From sweet pearl clip-ons and inspiring pendants, to intricate cameos and brooches, the selection will be endless. A lot of women consign their vintage jewellery to antique stores to find buyers, so you can find a piece of jewellery that is worth the value. And who knows? Maybe you will find a cute box to store your vintage jewellery in!

2. Thrift store

It may sound strange, but I like to check secondhand stores for the true treasures buried among the unwanted shoes and clothes. When people give their stuff, they often forget to check each bag or box they donate, so there’s always a chance to find exactly what you need. Check inside of jewellery boxes, purses, vases and baskets for long-lost and forgotten gems.

3. Yard sale and garage sale

When the weather is good, I like to go to yard sales and garage sales! I always find great deals on many things, and vintage jewellery is definitely one of them. Yard sales and garage sales are the best places to find vintage jewellery. Try to hit the sales up first thing, since the early bird catches the worm!

4. Flea market

If you hate large crowds and a lot of noise, flea markets might not be your cup of tea. I like flea markets! They have a great variety of people set up at them so you will certainly find what you’re looking for! I usually go early in the morning when the weather is nice and the crowds are smaller. You can also go later in the day when the vendors are more willing to bargain.

5. eBay

eBay helped me to buy a lot of bracelets and necklaces with a vintage flair. Many people on eBay are professional and sell only authentic vintage jewellery. You will definitely find a great variety to choose from. Just remember PayPal is the best payment method to pay for your purchases.

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6. Auction

If you are looking for some specific pieces of vintage jewellery, your best bet would be to hit up the auctions! You may find them via local bulletin boards, in local newspapers or advertised online. Typically, there is a list of what kinds of things will be sold, so you do not have to go to the auctions which you are not interested in.

7. Grandma’s attic

Although it sounds strange, your grandmother’s attic is one of the best places to find vintage jewellery! I’m sure your grandma has collected a few jewellery pieces over the years and would not mind to share them with you. If she doesn’t mind, look through the boxes in her attic for long-lost treasures. You may find not only jewellery, but vintage shoes and scarfs, old postcards, photo albums, newspapers and magazines, collector’s items and many other interesting and unique things!

If you’re looking for authentic vintage jewellery, you should be ready to pay a lot. But you can also get good bargains on these items! What do you like about vintage jewellery? Where do you usually find your vintage jewellery? Share your thoughts, please.