7 Amazing Jewellery Pieces You Can Make on Your Own


Are you on a tight budget and you can’t afford to buy expensive jewellery pieces? Why not make your own ones? If you are a creative woman and you have some free time, you can make amazing jewellery pieces, even if you are not very skilled in making jewellery and you don’t have a bunch of pricey tools. Here is my list of seven jewellery pieces you can make on your own with almost no efforts.

1. Eye-Catching Earrings

Every lady can easily make her own eye-catching earrings. You can re-design the earrings you already have or go to arts and crafts shops and buy all the things you will need to make brand new earrings. Use plasteline clay, beads, gold, silver or copper wire or fabrics and leather. This fantastic activity is great for your style and good for your brain. Moreover, you can even turn this creative hobby into a part-time job and sell the earrings you don’t want to wear.

2. Elegant Beaded Necklace

You can use natural stones, pearls, gems or glass beads to make elegant beaded necklaces. If you are incredibly creative, you can even make something completely new. It’s also a great idea to try to recreate or modify a style which is already popular. There definitely is a creative genius hiding inside of you, you just need to unleash it.

3. Fantastic Name Bracelets

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Even though I’m not sure if they are still popular these days, I just had to list them since name bracelets are not only jewellery pieces that you can make on your own for the sake of fashion, but also a creative and simple project for your children. When I was a teen, I used to make plenty of name bracelets for me and my friends. Take some plastic bottles and cut out flat strips, which you’ll use as a base. Now, wrap threads of yarn around, but make sure you use 2 different colors- one color as a base and another to form letters. Actually, if you are interested in making your own name bracelets, let me know and I will explain how to make them step by step.

4. Awesome Brooches

Made of beads, feathers, fabrics, leather or anything you can imagine – these awesome brooches are typically placed in the “jewellery” category and must certainly be treated as such. My best friend is fond of making unique brooches, and she always says it’s something that makes her happy. She turned her hobby into a way to earn money and now she runs a small but profitable business. Sure, you don’t have to make brooches in order to sell them, but you can make them because you enjoy wearing them. Plus, brooches make beautiful handmade gifts.

5. Unique Charms

Do you have a few charm bracelets but don’t have charms? Don’t be in a hurry to buy them; you can make your own unique charms. I have seen plenty of absolutely adorable doughnut and cookie shaped charms made from a special plasteline clay, they looked just as great as those pricey, brand-name ones. The thing is that this kind of plasteline is a bit different than the one children play with, so make sure you buy the right one. Once you get a special plasteline clay, just sculpt the shape, run a needle through it where you want the hole to be and then bake in the oven. Don’t forget to leave the needle inside to keep the hole from shrinking while baking. Use a clear nail polish to make your charm shiny.

6. Trendy Macramé Bracelets

Perhaps you know that macramé bracelets are astonishingly popular right now. If you are looking for new ideas for jewellery pieces that you can make on your own, making macramé bracelets is something you could certainly master. I often add silver elements or beads to my bracelets and love to invent new knotting patterns to keep my macramé bracelets fresh and unique.

7. Cute beaded rings

The best thing I like about this jewellery piece is that you can make a cute ring out of fishing nylon and little plastic beads only. If you have some beads, the nylon and some spare time, what are you waiting for? You can also combine beads with other materials such as elastic bands or wire. If you have enough free time you could even make a ring from scratch.

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This list doesn’t actually end here! There are many more jewellery pieces which you can easily make on your own, you just need to get creative. So, ladies, have you ever made jewellery pieces? Do you have any other brilliant ideas you would like to share with us? Please, share them in the comments section. Personally I will definitely try them all!