7 Amazing Jewellery Pieces You Can Make on Your Own


Are you on a tight budget and you can’t afford to buy expensive jewellery pieces? Why not make your own ones? If you are a creative woman and you have some free time, you can make amazing jewellery pieces, even if you are not very skilled in making jewellery and you don’t have a bunch of pricey tools. Here is my list of seven jewellery pieces you can make on your own with almost no efforts.

1. Eye-Catching Earrings

Every lady can easily make her own eye-catching earrings. You can re-design the earrings you already have or go to arts and crafts shops and buy all the things you will need to make brand new earrings. Use plasteline clay, beads, gold, silver or copper wire or fabrics and leather. This fantastic activity is great for your style and good for your brain. Moreover, you can even turn this creative hobby into a part-time job and sell the earrings you don’t want to wear.