7 New Types of Jewellery Every Woman Should Know about


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that traditional earrings and bracelets have bored us to death. The soul demands something fresh and extraordinary. Well, I`ll make you glad by describing some new types of jewellery that you probably didn`t know about yet. They are definitely unique, fresh and easy to wear. I think these novelties will find their place in your jewellery box and will live in harmony with your already acquired pieces.

1. Fancy ankle bracelets

Ankle bracelets won`t surprise anyone any more, it`s true. But this type of jewellery has returned into the great world of fashion, and we, ladies, shouldn`t lag behind. Consider a variant of an anklet that is connected with a toe ring. They are a bit harder to find, but it is worth it. Get one that fits you perfectly well and make all your friends be jealous.

2. Cuff earrings

A new fresh breath has touched the ordinary earrings and turned them into something completely awesome. They don`t look like simple hoops or studs, they have a chain connecting to your earlobe. Without doubt, cuffs come in various designs, colors and metals, so it will be quite easy for you to choose ones that would suite you best.

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3. Two finger ring

Fashion designers have shown all their creativity and invented a two finger ring, and a ring fitting on multiple fingers. It may sound uncomfortable for you, but don`t rush with conclusions until you try it. You should only choose the right size and you won`t feel any discomfort. The only problem may be with shaking hands, but I think it is not that important for women.

4. Top finger rings

We all got used to ordinary rings that come in different designs and metals, but here is a completely new look on the rings. This variation looks like a regular ring, with the only exception that it as to worn on the upper tart if the finger. Got interested? Certainly! Unfortunately, the rings that we already have won`t go, the size is not applicable. To know which size you need, you only should take your actual ring size and divide it in half. That`s the size you need. Be sure, such rings will revive any traditional look.

5. Hand jewellery

It turned out that rings are not the limit to beautify your hands. This new type is organized differently. The main principle is to connect your wrist with a finger, some with all the fingers. They look really great, but you should be careful not to overwhelm yourself with accessories, otherwise you`ll look like a Christmas tree.

6. Ring IPhone case

Well, it doesn`t belong to the class of accessories but it is fashionable. That is a simple phone case that may be easily carried by his owner. Unfortunately, you can`t have other rings on your fingers, it will be uncomfortable. But, I should say it is a very convenient way to carry your phone.

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7. Shoe clips and heel chains

Sometimes even wearing the same pattern of shoes bores us. So here is the solution. You don`t need to buy a new pair of shoes, no, just find some fantastic heel chains or shoe clips. These accessories can be attached to your favorite flats or heels, etc. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this new trend.

So, here are the new trends in accessories. They are really beautiful and extraordinary. I think every woman has to have some of them in her arsenal. Which one did you like most? I hope I didn`t miss anything, but if something is left off the list, please, write in comments.