10 Stunning Ways to Wear Animal-Inspired Jewellery


The animal world has inspired many jewellery designers throughout time. Today, animal-inspired jewels continue to be popular. Whether you choose vintage pieces or modern jewellery, you will never go wrong with animal-themed jewellery. The following ideas are just a few ways you can wear animal-themed jewellery to impress everyone around you.

1. Thematic Charm Bracelet

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If you have a favorite animal like a dog or cat, consider wearing an animal-themed charm bracelet. You can easily add charms like cat faces and paw prints, for example. Peacocks, dolphins, and butterflies are just a few other thematic ideas you might choose. You can also create a charm bracelet showcasing lots of different animals.

2. Tiger-Striped Bangles

A tiger-striped bangle is the perfect accent to go with a casual outfit like jeans and a sweater. It might even look good with a black dress. Large wood or hard plastic bangles can be eye-catching accents. Alternatively, you might also wear zebra or leopard-print bangles as well. Printed bracelets like these are widely available and will definitely complement your animal-inspired jewel collection.

3. Spider Brooch

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Spider brooches and pins have been quite popular as bejeweled baubles since the Art Nouveau period of the late nineteenth century. These jewels are perfect for wearing in fall. Choose a spider pin with a pearl or moonstone body and creepy opal eyes! You’ll love all the compliments you receive when you wear your spider to work or anywhere else.

4. Reptilian Necklace

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During the 1960s, Cartier created one of its most iconic pieces – the fabulous alligator necklace that shows one gator biting the neck of another. Consider adding a similar piece to your collection. If not alligators, there are many necklaces that boast snake motifs. Such jewels are always arresting and will prove to be great conversation pieces.

5. Bird-Inspired Locket

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Lockets come in many styles, but picture lockets when ornamented with a bird scene can be particularly sweet. Vintage lockets with blue birds can still be fashionably worn today. You might choose a locket that features baby birds in a nest or a majestic eagle in flight. Every girl and woman should have at least one locket for storing the tiny photo of a loved one.

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6. Jade Necklace Charms

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Small animal charms carved from jade are perfect for hanging from your favorite silver or gold chain. Often small jade charms like rabbits or fish can even be hung from a simple silk ribbon. In various Asian cultures, these charms are carved by hand. Look for authentic jade charms for animals of the Chinese zodiac like dragons, dogs, snakes, and rats.

7. Marine Life Earrings

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When looking for earrings inspired by marine life, you’ll find everything from whales’ tails to dolphins, seahorses, and even lobsters. If you love the sea, you can celebrate its beauty with jewellery made from pearls, mother of pearl, and even coral. Sea-inspired jewels can be found online and in jewellery shops.

8. Gem-Holding Fauna

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Many jewellery designs feature animals like monkeys holding jewels. Designers work to incorporate the gems with their animal motif. You might see a snake coiled around a pearl or a cat cradling a citrine or amethyst. Jewels that feature animal designs and gems can be quite spectacularly ornate. Add one to your jewellery collection as a standout piece.

9. Turtles and Tortoise Shell Jewels

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Turtles have inspired many jewellery designs, and many women today love to wear faux tortoise shell hair ornaments and cuff bracelets. You’ll find that the turtle motif is a popular one. You can even find unique turtles carved from Bakelite, a hard plastic. You might even find a turtle brooch ornamented with an opal or emerald shell.

10. Animals in Gold

Photo: pinterest.com If you love gold, you might choose an animal-themed jewellery created from solid gold like a frog, a fish, or even a grasshopper. Gold jewellery is timeless, and there are many animal-inspired gold jewels to choose from. You’ll find lots of gold jewels that feature animal-related imagery like bear paws, tiger eyes, whale tails.

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Try wearing these animal-inspired jewels and look for some animal-themed jewels to add to your collection. You’ll find that they can be quite versatile and can complement a variety of looks. If you already have some pieces, let us know in the comments section.