10 Great DIY Jewellery Organizers


Instead of spending money on expensive jewellery boxes, why not have a go at creating your very own jewellery organizer? There are hundreds of ways to make stunning displays that take less than an hour to create. The following list gives 10 ideas on how to make beautiful organizers to display your jewellery collection.

1. Recycle an old coat rack

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Turn an old coat rack into an attractive jewellery hanger. The flat ones that are designed to attach to the back of a door are the best option. You could even create your own using a flat piece of wood and some old forks. Using a pair of pliers, bend the handle of the fork upwards to form a hook, and attach the forks to the wood.

2. Use a wire coat hanger

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Find an old wire coat hanger, and carefully wrap a long piece of ribbon or fabric all the way around the frame. Take some paperclips, and open them up to form small hooks. Hang them on the bottom part of the hanger to allow you to place your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets on the hooks.

3. Collect some small cardboard boxes

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Create a multi-compartment jewellery organizer using small boxes. Take a large piece of cardboard or thin wood, and attach the boxes to the wood using glue or a stapler. You can cover the boxes with colored paper beforehand if you prefer. Hang the organizer on your wall, and store your jewellery in each of the small cubbyholes.

4. Make a wire tree

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Create a wire tree using 15 to 20 pieces of thin jewellery wire about 60 cm long. Lay the wires on a flat surface, and place a large stone in the center. Carefully bring each wire up around the stone, and twist them together at the top to form the base. Keep twisting all the wires together to form the trunk. Finally, twist small sections of the wires together to form branches to hang your jewellery on.

5. Search for driftwood

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Search for a piece of driftwood that has many small branches or twigs for hanging your jewellery on. Allow the wood to dry out completely before cleaning it using fine sandpaper or a rotary tool. Attach the wood to a wooden base, and drape your jewellery over the branches.

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6. Salvage an old drawer

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Take an old drawer from a bedside cabinet, and sand it down to give it a distressed look. Turn the draw on its side, and attach some long pieces of string from one side of the draw to the other. Hang your earrings, necklaces and bracelets on the string using small hooks if desired.

7. Use a picture frame

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Search second-hand stores and car boot sales for an antique picture frame. Cut a piece of corkboard to fit snugly inside the frame, and secure it into place. Screw some small metal hooks into the corkboard to hang your jewellery on, and mount the frame on your wall.

8. Collect empty kitchen roll tubes

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For an easy way to store bracelets, take an empty kitchen paper roll, and cut a hole in the center large enough to push a second roll through to form a T shape. Attach the second roll to a wooden base using tape, and either paint or cover both of the rolls in fabric. Hang your watches and bracelets on the top part of the organizer.

9. Make a clay hand

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Fill an old plastic glove with some form of resin, clay or salt dough, and leave it to set overnight. Once it is completely dry, remove the glove from the outside, and you will be left with a perfect clay hand. Paint the hand any color you wish, and arrange your jewellery on top of it.

10. Recycle old doorknobs

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Collect many doorknobs in different sizes and designs to hang your jewellery on. Attach them to a large piece of wood in a random pattern before mounting it on your wall. Alternatively, you could even hang the knobs directly on your wall to create an unusual display.

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However you decide to display your jewellery, try to add your own unique twist on anything you create to make it personal to you. DIY jewellery organizers are also an excellent project for children, and may even inspire them to have a go at making their own jewellery.