10 Gemstones to Add to Your Jewellery Collection


If you’re a woman who loves jewels, there are various gemstones that should be in your jewellery collection to enhance its value and beauty. If you don’t already own the following gems, consider adding one or two the next time you buy your rings, earrings or brooches. The deep bright colors of these gemstones attract much more attention, which means you will look fabulous without efforts.

1. Diamond

A diamond is, of course, the queen of gems. Not only radiant, the diamond is known for its strength and investment value. A white diamond can be worn with any outfit. Wear your diamonds to work or out to dinner. If you don’t have a diamond ring, you might consider investing in one. A diamond lariat or diamond earrings are also stunning for their inherent elegance.

2. Pearl

Gems of the sea, pearls are timelessly beautiful. Pearls are classic jewels that have been popularly worn since ancient times. Cultured, freshwater, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls are beloved the world over. Although a strand of pearls is perfect for any jewellery box, a pair of pearl earrings or an eye-catching pearl ring would also enhance your collection.

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3. Ruby

The deep red color of the ruby makes it one of the most dramatic gems. A bright red ruby is a standout for any jewellery collection. Consider a ruby ring or even a ruby-encrusted bracelet. Among the most beloved of gems, rubies will make any woman feel like a queen. Ruby is the traditional birthstone of people born in July.

4. Sapphire

The deep blue color of the sapphire has made it one of the most coveted and revered precious gemstones in the world. Like the ruby, the sapphire is a variety of corundum. While most people associate the sapphire with the color blue, sapphires actually come in other colors like yellow, green, and even pink.

5. Emerald

Heralded for their lovely green beauty, emeralds have been mined since antiquity, especially in ancient Egypt. As the traditional birthstone for the month of May, the emerald was particularly revered by Cleopatra. An emerald ring will add breathtaking beauty to any jewellery collection as will emerald earrings or even an emerald brooch.

6. Opal

With its inner fire, the opal has an almost other-worldly quality that makes it unique among gemstones. Opals boast a dramatic display of radiant colors. Most of the world’s opals hail from Australia, but they can also be found in Western Hemisphere countries like Mexico. Consider flashing an opal ring or a glamorous pair of opal earrings. A stunning opal necklace can add elegance to your everyday look.

7. Garnet

While known for their deep red color, garnets also come in colors like green, brown, gray, and even blue. Extremely popular during the Victorian era, garnets continue to be treasured by women all over the world. Add a beautiful garnet pendant to your collection or a fine garnet ring set on a gold or silver band.

8. Amethyst

A variety of quartz, amethyst is celebrated for its purple hues. During the medieval period, many people believed that amethyst had the power to enhance intelligence. Today, amethyst is beloved for its appealing color and sparkle. A beautiful amethyst necklace or bracelet would be a dazzling treasure for any jewellery collection.

9. Moonstone

Add a touch of mystery and romance to your jewellery collection with a moonstone ring or brooch. Moonstones have an ethereal appeal that shimmer with shades of blue and gray. Though found in many places throughout the world, gem-grade moonstone remains prized by many women who value its distinctive allure and unmistakable beauty.

10. Aquamarine

The pale color of water or sky, the aquamarine is a gem that will lighten your collection with its celestial sparkle. The birthstone for the month of March, aquamarine is famous for its transparent blue luster. Imagine how much prettier your jewel box would be with a pendant of aquamarine shining within it.

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These gems are extraordinary in their own singular ways. If you want to expand your jewellery collection, add a few of these gems to your jewel box for spectacular sparkle, beauty, and shine. Whether you want to buy your birthstone or any of these gemstones, check it closely to make sure you don’t buy a fake one. So, ladies, what gemstones do you have in your jewellery collection?