10 Incredible Ways to Wear Gold Jewellery


Gold is the most enduring of the precious metals. Valued since its discovery for its brilliance and malleability, gold was once revered as divine because it doesn’t tarnish. Gold even comes in a range of colors that includes yellow, pink, and white. Sure, too much of a good thing can be problematic. As with any type of jewellery, there is an art to wearing gold. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of this brilliant metal.

1. Less is often more

When it comes to gold, wearing less jewellery is often the best way to go. You want to make one statement at a time, so choose a piece of gold jewellery that will draw attention and minimize or eliminate everything else. It’s best not to wear a great deal of gold at any one time either. Wedding rings and engagement rings are, of course, an exception to this rule.

2. Color match

Gold is considered a “warm” tone, so you want to pair it with primary colors or jewel tones. It looks particularly good with white and works well with autumn colors too. In general, silver and black pair better than do gold and black. This latter tip doesn’t apply if you are pairing black with a warm color, such as a black top with khaki pants.

3. Mix metals

Like many trends in fashion, the faux pas against mixing gold and silver has fallen by the wayside. Though your grandmother might disagree, you are free to pair gold with just about any other metal. You can even pair various tones of gold (yellow, white, rose, etc.) with one another. It is important, when mixing metals, to have a theme in mind so that the pieces complement one another.

4. Go vintage

Vintage gold jewellery is currently a hot trend. Often used as statement pieces, vintage rings and brooches are particularly fashionable. Vintage pieces are also good to use when mixing metals because pairing vintage pieces of the same era can be both cohesive and eclectic at the same time. As an added bonus, you can find some beautiful pieces of jewellery in your grandma’s attic and save some cash for more important things.

5. Layered chains

Layered gold chains are on their way out, which means you have three options. You can keep wearing your favorite necklace and buck the trend, you can sell the necklace and buy a piece that is currently in vogue, or you can modify the chain. Clipping some of the layers off a chain to turn it into a solitary piece is a great way to go if you don’t mind altering your jewellery.

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6. Add copper

Copper looks great with rose-colored gold because rose gold contains higher levels of copper than other tones. Rose gold pairs well with purses, belts, and shoes that have strong copper hues. Together, these two metals will produce a very warm look. Don’t wear too much, though. A beautiful bracelet may complete your look beautifully.

7. Nail polish

There are two ways to go when pairing your nail polish to your gold jewellery. Nude tones are considered classic and, because they tend to be warm, pair well with all shades of gold. If that doesn’t work for you, try to match your nail polish to your jewellery. This works best with rose- and pink-colored gold, but you may be able to do it with colors like black or with custom polishes that include diamonds, gold accents, or other creative elements.

8. Diamonds are gold’s best friend

Diamonds and gold go together quite well. Look for unique diamond colors, like black, to pair with your gold. Remember that yellow gold pairs best with warm tones and “jewel” tones, which means that white and yellow diamonds pair best with yellow gold. That said, other pairings can make a very dramatic statement, so keep your mind open.

9. Rose gold

Rose gold is currently very popular. It offers a tone that complements almost any shade of skin and can brighten any outfit it is paired with. Many people feel that it imparts a rosy glow to the wearer, adding a sense of vitality and warmth. Rose gold lockets and engraved bracelets are particularly popular.

10. Old and new

If you find that a particular piece of gold jewellery feels dated, you can try to accessorize with something more modern. Sometimes, mixing old and new jewellery can create a very modern look that wearing even the newest pieces can’t achieve. Mixing old and new is very contemporary and doing it well can let the world know that you possess fashion sensibilities worth reckoning with.

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Despite the myriad tips that come and go regarding jewellery, the most enduring will always be to wear what makes you happy. Jewellery, like clothing, hair style, etc., should reflect who you are. Gold never really goes out of style, so you can feel comfortable wearing your favorite piece even if it isn’t included in the year’s hot trends. So, ladies, what’s your favorite way to wear gold?