10 DIY Halloween Jewellery Ideas


Wearing something truly unique for Halloween can be difficult, but it’s much simpler if you make your own jewellery. Anyone can create their own simple jewellery with a few findings and some craft supplies. Check out a few easy DIY jewellery ideas you can try this Halloween.

1. Monster puff earrings

Grab some earring hooks and some glue to make cute little monster earrings. All you need are some small pompoms and some googly eyes. Attach the eyes with glue and then glue the monster pompoms to the earring hooks. Try making matching earrings for a friend.

2. Mini potion necklace

Fill a miniature vial with water and a drop of purple or green food coloring. Glue in the stopper to make sure it won’t spill and then attach it to a chain. Add a little label that you can draw by hand or print out on the computer.

3. Slit neck choker

Want to fool people from afar? Thread red seed beads on a piece of fishing line. Add three or four “drips” of red beads hanging from the strip of beads and attach a necklace clasp. The fishing line should fit snugly around your neck without being tight. When the choker is on, it will look like there is a cut on your throat and blood is dripping out.

4. Monster eye jewellery

Look for some creepy googly eyes in whatever colours you fancy. Glue two eyes to earring posts and you have instant monster earrings. You can also stick an eye inside a bottle cap and hang it from a chain to make a matching necklace.

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5. Ghost charms

Make your own charms with a little bit of white polymer clay. Roll a half inch ball and pinch it into a teardrop shape. Curve the pointed end a little and add two dots of black on the rounded end for eyes. You can also add a mouth. Follow the instructions for baking and glue to earring posts or attach a loop before baking to add the ghost to a necklace.

6. Candy corn button ring

You’ll need three buttons for this project. The large one should be orange, the medium should be yellow and the small should be white. Glue the small button to the medium and the medium to the large. Attach the candy corn button to a piece of wire or an existing plastic ring.

7. Vampire choker

Take any normal choker and use fishing line to attach two tear drop shaped beads. They should hang just below the choker, about an inch apart to look like fang marks.

8. Stitches bracelets

You can use this method to create bracelets or a necklace. You’ll need a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks, as well as some black paint. Use a piece of string to measure around your wrist and mark this distance on a silicon baking sheet. Make a blob of glue at each end and then connect them with one thinner line of glue. Add random vertical lines of glue along the length of the bracelet. Allow the glue to dry and paint it black. Poke a hole in each blob and use two pieces of string to tie the bracelet to your wrist, making it look like you have large sutures.

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9. Shrunken candy bag charms

The next time you eat a bag of sweets, use a knife to slit the back open instead of opening the bag at the top. Lay the emptied bag on a baking sheet and bake at 200º until it has shrunk down to a fraction of the size. Let it cool and then poke a hole in it to hang on a necklace.

10. Bat necklace

Cut out a large bat shape from black felt. Add adornments if you want, such as sequins, lace, glitter, etc. Use a needle and thread to attach a chain to each end of the wings and wear it around your neck.

Each of the ideas given here is easy enough to complete in a very short time. You can complete your costume in a few minutes in many cases, or just add to your jewellery collection. What other Halloween jewellery ideas do you have?