10 Jewellery Trends You Can Rock This Winter


If you love jewellery, you’ll want to consider some fun jewellery trends that are going to be popular this winter. The following jewellery styles have been seen on the runways and you’ll likely see lots of women rocking these styles in the coming months too! One of the best things about these winter jewellery trends is that most of them are budget-friendly, and you can wear them any time of the year.

1. Oversized Hoop Earrings

Oversized hoops go in and out of fashion, but it seems they’re never out of step very long. This winter, large hoops are again in vogue. In many cases, new hoop styles may boast a tribal or ethnically inspired look. You can wear large hoops casually or with evening apparel. Since they’re so versatile, expect to wear them often.

2. Crystal Flowers

It’s going to blooming crystal flowers this winter, and you’ll be able to see lots of crystal botanicals crafted into pins, brooches, and even necklaces. In fact, some models have been seen wearing large and showy floral necklaces made from colorful crystals. If you’re planning to wear a large ornament, be sure you dress in something formal to complement your jewel.

3. Ornamental Cuffs

Many women own cuff bracelets, but this winter expect to see those cuffs adorned with various ornaments. Instead of sleek cuffs, women are going to be donning showy cuffs that are apt to be statement pieces. When you wear a showy cuff, you don’t need to wear many other jewellery pieces. This piece can be worn with a variety of fashions, which makes it worth adding to your collection.

4. Rings with Rustic Settings

Many models on the runways have been boasting ring-laden fingers. These rings tend to be set with large stones -lapis lazuli or rock crystal, and set in a rustic band. Far from delicate, these rings almost look medieval in design, but are uniquely modern in their stylish simplicity. You can wear your rings with just about any ensemble.

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5. Fringed Bracelets

Photo: Bojangle Beads

Whether made from metal, suede, or some other material, fringe bracelets are bound to be a jewellery trend likely to hang around for a few years. Expect to see women wearing their fringe bracelets with jeans as well as more formal attire depending on what it’s made of. You’ll be able to find designer bracelets this winter as well as cheap knock-offs.

6. Tribal Necklaces and Collars

Many designers are getting inspiration for their necklaces from tribal designs. Look for Moroccan-style bib necklaces and Tibetan-style collars with dangling tassels. These necklaces tend to be large and showy so wear them as you would any statement piece. Many necklaces might also feature inlaid semiprecious minerals and gems for added effect.

7. Beaded Baubles

Beads have been around since ancient times so it’s no surprise they continue to be one of the most popular materials. This winter, you can wear your beaded necklaces, chokers, collars, and bracelets with pride as they’ll be especially in vogue, particularly if the beads are rustic or tribal in nature.

8. Heavy Necklaces

Get ready to rock your most massive necklaces this winter. From large, chunky beaded necklaces to thick braids of gold, your neck and shoulders will get a workout from sporting the huge designs that will be popular this winter. Look for multistrand faux pearl necklaces in a variety of colors like pink or copper to add to you trendy jewel collection.

9. Crystal Collars

Crystals are going to be popular in jewellery this winter as evidenced by the plethora of crystal collar necklaces available in stores. The collar necklace is a classic one, but today’s collars are often showy and adorned with multiple colors of ornate crystals. Intricate designs and intense sparkle are hallmarks of these crystal jewels.

10. Single Charm Earrings

The fashion runway models sported large single earrings at recent shows. If you don’t mind feeling a little lopsided, this style looks to be a popular trend. Choose a long dangling charm earring that is eye-catching and made from various components to make a dramatic fashion statement. This look goes great with club wear or jeans.

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Give some of these jewellery styles a try this winter. Although they’re trendy, many of these styles are bound to have lasting appeal. These trends are versatile, so don’t be afraid of experiments. What jewellery trends are you going to rock this winter?