10 Wonderful Ways to Wear Bangles


Stackable bangle bracelets come in an almost endless variety of colors, designs, and materials. It is their variety that makes bangles so popular, fun, and easy to wear. They can complement almost any outfit, from causal summer wear to the most formal of attire. Achieving a particular look, however, can be challenging. Here are a few tips on how to wear bangles to make an impact.

1. One arm only

You can wear stacked bangles on one arm and leave the other devoid of jewellery. This can be especially dramatic for those who have tattoos or otherwise want to draw disproportionate attention to one arm. You can also accessorize the opposite arm with large ring. If you go with this look, keep the rest of your jewellery at a minimum. In particular, avoid bold earrings and just forgo necklaces entirely.

2. Statement bangle

The statement bangle is the single, eye-catching bangle that you wear somewhere in the middle of a small stack, but never at the extreme ends of a stack of bangles. A watch can also be used as the focal point in this setting. The idea is to draw attention to a point within the stack, creating interest in the eye of beholder.

3. The more, the better

In some cases, fewer bangles are better. In other cases, wearing six or more may be appropriate. Larger numbers of bangles are useful for creating a dramatic look, but won’t work well for a formal setting. Wearing too many bangles can become uncomfortable too, so take care when applying the “more is better” philosophy.

4. Texture variety

Mixing textures and materials can be a great way to add interest. For instance, you could mix beaded and threaded cords or you could mix metals and leather. When mixing textures, look for bracelets of different size and shape as well. The goal is to prevent homogeneity. When trying to emphasize texture, lean toward neutral colors.

5. Think about size

Smaller bangles can become lost among their larger counterparts. In some cases, bangles are so small that they should really only be worn with other bangles of the same size. Many people group bangles by size, rather than by color or some other feature, to help prevent drastic mixing of sizes.

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6. Occasion and location

You’ve heard that real estate is all about location, right? Well, bangles are all about occasion. With so many to choose from, you have to take care with what you choose. Clanking, gaudy bangles generally aren’t great for board meetings and that platinum and diamond-studded bangle probably isn’t appropriate for an outdoor picnic. With so many varieties, you should have lots of options for every occasion, so don’t force a formal bangle to make a causal appearance or vice versa.

7. Pair and contrast

One great way to bring attention to your bracelets is to contrast the color of your bangles with what you are wearing. Think of your outfits in terms of palettes. What colors complement one another? What colors provide a nice contrast? You can also match one of several bangles perfectly to your top to create an eye-catching effect. Don’t forget about texture when you are contrasting either, hard metals against soft textiles can be very dramatic.

8. Send a message

Your bangles can send a message to those around you. For instance, wearing a few small, elegant pieces can demonstrated refinement and control. Wearing a multitude of large, colorful bangles can demonstrate playfulness and show your bold side. Choose your bangles based on the message you want to broadcast to the world.

9. Layering

Some bangles are more rigid than others. Softer bangles can be worn so that they overlap and intertwine with one another. The effect will give the appearance of a large, single bracelet, so choose pieces that complement one another well.

10. Duplicate

Wearing matching stacks of bracelets on each wrist can provide an interesting aesthetic. In this case, the “less is more” philosophy often applies best. Choose two or three pairs of bangles so that you have just two or three bracelets on each wrist.

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These ideas are just guidelines to help you think about different ways of wearing bangles. The truth is that there is no correct or incorrect way to wear bangles. Get creative, express yourself and create interest with your bangles. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. So, ladies, what’s your favorite way to wear bangles?