10 Wonderful Ways to Wear Bangles


Stackable bangle bracelets come in an almost endless variety of colors, designs, and materials. It is their variety that makes bangles so popular, fun, and easy to wear. They can complement almost any outfit, from causal summer wear to the most formal of attire. Achieving a particular look, however, can be challenging. Here are a few tips on how to wear bangles to make an impact.

1. One arm only

You can wear stacked bangles on one arm and leave the other devoid of jewellery. This can be especially dramatic for those who have tattoos or otherwise want to draw disproportionate attention to one arm. You can also accessorize the opposite arm with large ring. If you go with this look, keep the rest of your jewellery at a minimum. In particular, avoid bold earrings and just forgo necklaces entirely.