10 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Hair Jewellery


Did Game of Thrones get you thinking about hair jewellery? If it did, you probably ran right down to the costume jewellery department of your local fashion mall where you encountered rows upon rows of sparkling confusion. If you’ve been wondering how exactly normal people can successfully wear these creations, then stay tuned. Here are 10 gorgeous and accessible ideas that work for almost anyone.


1. Wear just enough

Affix one or two unusual, small, jeweled barrettes or hair pins at the top of a low bun. You don’t have to overdo the hair jewellery trend to make an elegant statement. When you use just one or two embellishments, you can wear hair jewellery almost anywhere, even to the office.

2. Embrace your inner goddess

Goddess hair chains lend themselves to a center part, but they can be worn with tousled curls or perfectly straightened hair. Place the center of the chain on your part and allow the side chains to rest on both sides of your head. This simple piece of hair jewellery really makes a statement while bringing admirers’ eyes to your pretty face.

3. Try a headband

Headbands are back, but don’t limit yourself to fabric versions. Thin, rhinestone-encrusted headbands can be worn over the ears in a traditional manner. Another alternative is to pop a circular jeweled headband right on top of your head and press down for a retro-’60s look.

4. Use one great clip

Begin with large tousled waves and transform this beachy look from casual to elegant by adding one generously sized rhinestone clip. First, pull a few strands back to frame the face and secure with bobby pins. Next, affix the clip near the pins. The pins ensure that the clip’s purpose is adornment, not functionality.

5. Repurpose a necklace

Every woman has a few necklaces she doesn’t want to wear anymore. While you can sell or give them your sister or mom, why not use them as hair accessories? Almost any necklace can be repurposed as hair jewellery. Simple secure the necklace in place with two or three bobby pins. To avoid looking like you are wearing a tiara, make sure the focal point of the necklace is just a bit off center.

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6. Place a hair chain around a bun

Bun is considered as a boring hairstyle that men hate. You can prove to your partner that bun hairstyle is actually beautiful and trendy. Get some hair chain and use your creativity. A lovely way to wear a hair chain is to first create a big, classic bun. Next, clip the hair chain at the top of the bun and allow the chain to wrap below the bun. The effect is both modern and classic.

7. Decorate an updo

Little rhinestone pins sprinkled throughout an updo finishes the dressy look. You can find these inexpensive pins almost anywhere: a drugstore, a big box store, or a specialty jewellery store. They look great both in professional updos and in simple buns. It’s a sneaky and easy way to look beautiful at work without going overboard.

8. Highlight a low bun

For a decidedly fancy look, explore bridal hair jewellery. You will find heavy rhinestone-encrusted clips, bands, and many more. Most of these pieces can be attached to the top of a low bun to take this classic look to new heights. Your guy will definitely love your hairstyle.

9. Accentuate a ponytail

The ponytail is back in a big way, and jewellery designers are capitalizing on the trend. Use a smooth, wide gold or silver ponytail adornment to convey an all-business look. For a casual, boho look, choose a ponytail elastic with attached trails of beads and ribbons that can be secured along the entire length of your ponytail.

10. Embed small pins in a braid

Small, sparkling pins look great in more than complicated updos and buns. Try affixing these little gems randomly throughout a long, low braid. For even more interest, before attaching the pins, braid your hair off-center so that it falls over the front of your shoulder.

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  Hair jewellery is a terrific way to enhance your favorite hairstyles and use jewellery pieces you don’t want to wear anymore. Daytime or evening, these tricks are perfect for completing a lovely, feminine look. Let your creative juices flow and you will find out even more unique ideas. Have you already fallen in love with hair jewellery trend?