10 Stylish Ways to Wear Fake Jewellery


Building up an impressive jewellery collection does not have to cost a fortune. Fake and costume jewellery is incredibly popular with almost every high street clothing store offering an extensive range of designs. As with regular jewellery, there is an art to wearing fake jewellery, and the following list gives 10 tips for getting the most out of your collection.

1. Keep it understated

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Jewellery should be used to enhance an outfit rather than form the main focus point. To avoid looking like Liberace, choose delicate pieces that add a subtle sparkle to your neck or wrist. Choose to highlight one piece of your body instead of piling on the jewels at every opportunity.

2. Match your jewellery to your clothing

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Certain clothing styles require a particular type of jewellery. Soft, feminine dresses and tops look fantastic with a simple string of pearls and matching pearl studs. Edgy styles such as black skinny jeans and vests look better when teamed with silver bangles and hoop earrings.

3. Avoid wearing too many pieces at once

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Just because you have a large collection of beautiful pieces does not mean you have to wear them all at once. Sticking to just one necklace or one bracelet on each arm is usually more than enough. If you choose to wear large dangly earrings, skip the necklace and team them with a cocktail ring.

4. Look for tasteful pieces

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When shopping for fake jewellery, always choose the most tasteful pieces you can find. Chunky gold-colored necklaces and large fake stones can look tacky and will cheapen your entire outfit. Elegant jewellery is always far more attractive than excessive amounts of bling.

5. Buy quality jewellery

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Just because the jewellery is fake doesn’t mean it has to be poor quality. Butler and Wilson specialise in high-quality costume jewellery that will last you a lifetime. You may have to pay a little extra, but it will still be a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

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6. Draw attention to your best features

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Wearing a piece of jewellery on your arm or neck will attract attention to that area of your body. When wearing a cocktail ring, always ensure that your nails are clean and filed. If you have a large bust, highlight your curves with a bib necklace or large pendant.

7. Pick colors that suit your complexion

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Choosing the right jewellery to match your natural complexion is essential to avoid looking washed out. Cool skin tones work best with silver and light-colored metals such as titanium and stainless steel. Those with a warm skin tone should opt for gold-colored jewellery or ethnic styles made from wood and leather.

8. Choose a statement piece

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If you like statement jewellery, then you will be spoiled for choice with the amount of bright and bold costume pieces. Stick to just one statement piece such as a bib necklace or chunky bangle and leave the rest of your skin bare. Large pieces work best with simple clothing in one color to really show off the jewellery.

9. Go vintage

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The fashion world is still obsessed with all things vintage, and jewellery is no exception. Search for vintage pieces online, in second-hand stores and car boot sales. Jewellery that was made several decades ago is usually much better quality than the pieces you currently find on the high street.

10. Experiment

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Do not be afraid to experiment with different types of designs and materials. If you have only ever worn metal jewellery, experiment with wood, coconut and macramé pieces to spice up your collection. Online stores such as Etsy sell many unusual pieces that have been handmade by artists from all over the world.

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Fake jewellery has come a long way since the garish pieces of the 80s with even upmarket designers such as Chanel offering their own costume jewellery range. Before rushing out to buy brand new jewellery, why not ask your parents and older relatives if they have any pieces that they no longer use. Wearing a piece that was handed down to you by a member of your family will make it even more special.