9 Dazzling Ways to Wear Silver Jewellery


Silver jewellery can be worn in hundreds of different ways to reflect your own personal style and taste. Despite being less valuable than gold or platinum, many people actually prefer to wear silver jewellery for its versatility. Whether you like bold, statement necklaces or more delicate pieces, you are sure to find the perfect piece to highlight your unique style. Here are some of the most beautiful ways to wear silver jewellery these days.

1. Antique silver

Antique and vintage jewellery is incredibly popular and makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. Antique silver jewellery usually features intricate designs set with tiny precious stones that will make the wearer feel like royalty. Online retailers are a great place to find antique silver, but always check that the jewellery is stamped before purchasing.

2. Oversized jewellery

Oversized gold jewellery can look tacky, but large silver pieces look far more modern and trendy. Silver bangles, hoop earrings and long necklaces look fantastic when teamed with simple black clothing. You can also layer many silver rings or necklaces together for maximum effect.

3. Ethnic style silver

Ethnic style jewellery is a great way to add a twist to an otherwise formal outfit. Certain countries such as Nepal, India and the region of Tibet produce their own distinctive style of silver jewellery. Always be sure to check the exact silver content of your jewellery before buying as certain types of metal like Tibetan silver contains only a small amount of pure silver.

4. Crystal jewellery

Semi-precious crystals such as quartz, malachite, tiger’s eye and turquoise are often used in silver jewellery as they look far more striking with a lighter background. Different crystals are said to have different attributes including healing, protection, intuition or cleansing which are projected onto the wearer.

5. Geometric designs

Geometric jewellery is a great way to update your look and wear something different to the traditional jewellery designs. Look for unusual pieces in 3D shapes or angular designs that will help you stand out from the crowd. Geometric shapes such as cubes, hexagons and spirals are often used to create unusual pieces.

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6. Mix and match

Mixing gold and silver jewellery was once considered to be the ultimate crime against fashion. Nowadays many women mix two or more precious metals together when choosing their jewellery to create a more eye-catching effect. Many designers have jumped on the trend and use a combination of gold and silver to create a single piece.

7. Classic pieces

Classic silver pieces such as Tiffany heart necklaces or lockets make excellent keepsakes that can be handed down from one generation to the next. Many people choose to give silver jewellery for a 25th wedding anniversary or as christening gifts to young children. Simple pieces like a silver crucifix or a silver bangle are easy to wear and never go out of style.

8. Minimalist style

Small elegant, jewellery designs set with tiny diamonds or freshwater pearls look stunning against a silver background. Silver jewellery is ideal for those who prefer a minimalist look. Delicate silver jewellery is also an ideal gift for babies and young children, but check that it doesn’t contain a high quantity of nickel to avoid an allergic reaction.

9. Unusual pieces

If you are looking for something different, then why not try a more unusual piece of silver jewellery? Toe rings, belly chains, knuckle dusters and body jewellery are all available in beautiful silver designs. You can also purchase silver key charms that can be attached to clothing or bags to add a touch of style to your existing wardrobe.

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Jewellery must contain at least 92.5% pure silver to be classed as sterling silver. As pure silver is extremely soft, manufacturers add a small amount of alloy metal in order to make silver jewellery more wearable. Always check that sterling silver bears a stamp that reads 925 before purchasing. Keep your jewellery in perfect condition by storing it separately from other pieces and cleaning regularly with a silver cloth. Now that you know how to wear silver jewellery, what are some of your favorite ways?