9 Dazzling Ways to Wear Silver Jewellery


9. Unusual pieces

If you are looking for something different, then why not try a more unusual piece of silver jewellery? Toe rings, belly chains, knuckle dusters and body jewellery are all available in beautiful silver designs. You can also purchase silver key charms that can be attached to clothing or bags to add a touch of style to your existing wardrobe.

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Jewellery must contain at least 92.5% pure silver to be classed as sterling silver. As pure silver is extremely soft, manufacturers add a small amount of alloy metal in order to make silver jewellery more wearable. Always check that sterling silver bears a stamp that reads 925 before purchasing. Keep your jewellery in perfect condition by storing it separately from other pieces and cleaning regularly with a silver cloth. Now that you know how to wear silver jewellery, what are some of your favorite ways?