Vintage Chic: 10 Rules for Wearing Vintage and Antique Jewellery


Many women love wearing and collecting vintage and antique jewellery. These jewels have stood the test of time in terms of beauty and style. From brooches, pins and lockets to rings, earrings, bangles and watches, there are many jewellery pieces to choose. While most girls dare to rock old stuff, if you wish to wear vintage and antique jewellery, here are ten crucial rules to follow.

1. Cameo

Antique cameos add old-world elegance to any jewel collection. Vintage cameos can feature many different scenes and images like ladies or couples. Hand-carved cameos from older eras may be very valuable and, as such, these jewels never go out of style. Wear a cameo on you blazer or sweater. You can also wear a small cameo ring or earrings.