10 Best Jewellery Trends 2015


Creativity is the theme for 2015. Designers are looking to punch up classics while adding resourceful new ideas. Despite the innovation coming in 2015, the styles are surprisingly easy to work into an existing jewellery wardrobe. Find out which styles are trendy this year. You may already own some of them! Here are 10 best jewellery trends to rock all year long.


1. Statement Bracelets

Don’t limit statements to your neckline. In 2015, bracelets are stealing the stage. We found chunky bracelets, bracelets adorned with fur, and even bracelets that have so many tiny chains pulled together that they look like fringe. The bracelet is back in a big way. The bigger your bracelet, the better!

2. Floral Statement Necklaces

By now, we’ve grown used to the statement necklace, but this year, designers are pushing the concept to new limits. Large, jewel-toned floral necklaces sparkle big enough to render a dress collar unnecessary. Let yourself bloom, and your jewellery will do the talking. You can even make your own floral statement necklace.  

3. Collars

Necklaces will become an integral part of your overall fashion statement in 2015 by assuming the role of a collar. Designers have shown crystal collars, leather collars, and even tribal-inspired collars. Collars are a great way to mix up an existing outfit without purchasing a new top. Some collars mimic shirt collars, but others simply make a heavy, bodacious statement.  

4. Cuff Bracelets

Here is an example of a retro style with a modern touch. This year’s cuff is not necessarily your grandmother’s silver cuff although smooth gold and silver designs are also making a splash. In cuffs, look for big, beautiful geometric designs or heavy cuffs with designer medallions. They may be too heavy to wear, but they are amazingly beautiful!

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5. Extra Large Chains

Chains are huge for 2015 – literally. Some necklaces have only three or four large links. Others are reasonably chunky and very long. Whatever your choice, layer your chains, disregarding the need choose between silver and gold. Mix them up for a modern look.  

6. The Urban Jungle

Designers showed plenty of tribal-inspired jewellery. Some earring hoops were large enough to touch a shoulder, and others featured bamboo motifs. Many designers went tribal by making the most of natural materials, such as wood, hemp, naturally dyed beads, and fringe.  

7. Crystal Choker Necklaces

Crystal is huge this year. Chokers thick with gorgeous crystal beads adorned the runways. Some designers repeated the crystal theme with collars. When you look for a crystal choker, choose one that really packs a punch. Highlight your pretty face with big, big bling.  

8. The Single Earring

To pull off the single earring trend, look for an earring that is very large and adorned with crystal beads, fringe, flowers or intimations of lace. The earring should be long enough to touch your shoulder. To wear this look, you should be unafraid of making a loud statement.  

9. Rings

In 2015, one statement ring per hand is not going to be enough. Rings are large and may even come in sets. Expect to cover your hands in four or five similar rings. Or choose a set of three extra-large rings that leave no finger untouched. Go ahead and indulge, but make sure you are also wearing a great manicure.  

10. Handlets

A handlet is a hand bracelet. Some look very similar to a cuff bracelet that is made it fit the hand instead of the arm. Others are reminiscent of a gorgeous, embellished bracelet that trails past the wrist to wrap around the thumb. Fashion-forward enthusiasts rave about this new trend, but they do caution to avoid rings and other bracelets when donning a handlet.

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  Jewellery is no longer an optional accessory. It is a must have. The bigger and bolder the look, the more you convey your knowledge about what’s trending for 2015. What trends do you like most? Are you brave enough to wear a statement jewellery? Share your thoughts with us.