10 Most Beautiful Ways to Wear Pearls


While iconic ladies like Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore pearls in classic styles, pearls are actually versatile gems that are ideal for women of any age and era. Stylishly dynamic, different types of pearls can be worn in multiple ways as you’ll see when you read the following ideas. These are the most popular and beautiful ways to wear pearls, but you can always create your own ones.

1. Multiple-strand pearls

Add some feminine drama to your look when you wear multiple strands of pearls. Perfect for a night on the town, this look can complement your mini dress or even a long gown. What woman wouldn’t love to drape herself in ropes of pearls? If you love these gems of the sea, this is the ideal look for you.

2. The classic

A single strand of pearls in princess (19 inches) or choker (16 inches) length is classically elegant. You can wear this style to the office with a suit or with your little black dress for a dinner date. You can never go wrong when wearing this elegant style that pairs with so many different looks.

3. Pearl ring

A pearl ring can be the go-to jewel in your collection. So versatile, a pearl solitaire ring adds instant class to any outfit. You can choose a large, lustrous pearl centerpiece for your ring or even a more modest pearl surrounded by tiny seed pearls. With so many available designs, you’ll be able to choose a jewel that complements your style.

4. Black akoya pearls

Many women love the creamy white beauty of traditional cultured pearls, but black pearls can be equally stunning. A black pearl choker or lariat can be an exquisite accent for any woman. You might also choose an eye-catching black pearl ring. Black pearls pair well with other gems like diamonds and emeralds too.

5. Tahitian pearl earrings

Tahitian pearls are known for their dazzling colors. If you’re looking for a unique pair of earrings, choose olive-colored Tahitian pearls shaped like teardrops or small eggplants. These pearls look lovely whether paired with silver or gold accents. Tahitian pearl drop earrings will be that standout treasure in your jewelry box.

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6. Golden South Sea pearls

If you love gold, consider adding a stunning rope of gold South Sea pearls to your collection. Highly sought after, South Sea pearls tend to be large and lustrous. They can be costly, so be sure to care for your treasure appropriately. You can also create an elegant look with gold pearl earrings or even a ring.

7. Pearl on a chain

You can wear a single pearl worn on a chain for another timeless look. What’s great about this type of necklace is that it goes well with a cocktail dress or even a pair of jeans. You can wear your pearl on a short chain so that it’s visible at your collar, or you can even wear a lariat style for a bolder look.

8. Wrap-around freshwater pearl bracelet

Many women are fans of freshwater pearls and love their unusual shapes. Consider wearing strand upon strand of freshwater pearls around your wrist. You’ll feel like a queen whenever you catch sight of your bracelet. A cuff-style bracelet draws instant attention and is easily available in many sizes. Your pearl bracelet can be worn to work or out to a dinner party.

9. Pearl brooch

A simple pearl brooch can be a stunning ornament that will go with so many looks. You can choose a stunning pearl centerpiece for your brooch or even a pearl-encircled cameo. Wear your pearl brooch on your blazer, or you can even dress up a plain sweater with this timeless jewel.

10. Hair pearls

When you are wearing your hair up, there’s nothing more beautiful than pearls strewn through your hair. Pearl hair jewellery has become increasingly popular. Whether you are wearing cultured or freshwater pearls in your hair, the result is sure to be elegant. You can experiment with a hairdo that will show off your pearls best.

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Although gold and silver can be more popular than pearls, it’s well worth investing some money in high quality pearls. Discover how lovely pearls can be when you wear them in any of these ways. You’ll find that wearing pearls is always a beautiful idea, and you’ll love the way you look in them. What’s your favorite way to wear pearls? Any ideas?