Black Diamond Jewelry – Good Christmas Gift


Are you struggling to find a good Christmas gift or your wife or girlfriend? Because men and women are very different in terms of tastes and preferences, finding a gift for your romantic partner can be rather challenging. If you are finding it difficult to choose an appropriate gift for your woman, perhaps you should consider getting her some black diamond jewelry.

A Brief Overview

Black diamonds are sometimes referred to as carbonados. Carbonado is a Portuguese word which means burned or carbonized. Carbonados are naturally occurring polycrystalline diamonds that can be found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.
Black diamonds are just as hard and durable as white diamonds. That’s why they are often used in industry. The carbonado used to be a popular choice for men’s jewelry. In more recent years, black diamonds have been used to make women’s jewelry as well.
Carbonados are extremely rare. They are actually the rarest of all diamonds. Black diamonds are full of inclusions or scratches. These scratches are full of sulfides. The sulfides give carbonados their dark color. The scratches and pits in black diamonds make them very difficult to cut. Hence carbonados are very expensive to purchase. Not all carbonados are entirely black. They can also have a dark gray pigment.

An Interesting History

There are some fascinating legends associated with black diamonds. According to Indian folklore, black diamonds are unlucky because they represent Yama, the god of death. People in medieval Italy had a very different opinion about black diamonds. They thought that black diamonds were the gems of reconciliation. They believed that wearing a carbonado could help a person to resolve a quarrel with his or her lover.
The most notorious carbonado in history is The Black Orlov, which is sometimes referred to as The Eye of Brahma. This particular black diamond was originally one of the eyes of the Hindu Idol of Brahma. The Black Orlov was stolen. Legend has it that the gemstone has been cursed ever since, and will bring misery and misfortune to its owner.

A Beautiful Gift

Unlike white diamonds, carbonados do not have any fire. However, black diamonds do have a great deal of luster, and this makes them very attractive to look at. Carbonados look great with a white gold or platinum setting. They also look fabulous when contrasted with white diamonds. Black diamond jewelry makes an excellent gift choice because it matches with any color. Hence a woman can wear black diamond jewelry with any outfit.

A Trendy Gift

Fancy colored diamonds have become very fashionable in recent years. This is especially true of black diamonds. In the movie Sex in the City 2, Mr. Big presents Carrie Bradshaw with a black diamond engagement ring. He chooses a black diamond solitaire because he thinks that Carrie is unlike any other woman. Many celebrities choose to wear black diamonds because they are associated with affluence. Black diamond engagement rings are an especially popular choice.

A More Affordable Alternative

Genuine black diamonds definitely aren’t cheap. People of ordinary means cannot afford to purchase genuine black diamond jewelry. However, there is a more affordable alternative for people who cannot afford to buy the real thing. Synthetic black diamonds are developed in laboratories. Inferior diamonds can also be irradiated to give them a black color. Synthetic black diamonds are just as beautiful as the real thing, but they only cost a fraction of the price.

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