10 Creative Ways to Wear Diamonds


Diamonds make timeless, elegant accessories that add instant style and sophistication to every outfit. A 5-carat diamond engagement ring is at the top of every woman’s wish list, but not everyone can afford the hefty price tag. Diamond chips make a cheaper and more versatile alternative as they can be worn in many different ways and are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. The following 10 ideas are new and innovative ways to wear every woman’s best friend.

1. Clothing

Adding a diamond embellishment to a few of your favourite items of clothing is a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Diamond-studded wedding and prom dresses have been around for years and are popular choices for women looking for a little extra glamour. Just be sure to use a strong glue and professional mounting technique to create your designs.

2. Electronic items

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Just in case the iPhone 6 was not already pricey enough, designer Alexander Amosu has gone ahead and created a diamond-studded version worth an incredible £1.7 million. You can easily create your own cheaper version by gluing diamond chips onto a phone casing or covering the phone’s logo with tiny stones.

3. Makeup

Create a lasting impression with diamond-infused makeup such as shimmering eye shadows, sparkling lip glosses and illuminating foundations. You can also purchase fake lashes that feature a line of Swarovski crystals or design your own using genuine diamond chips.

4. Body piercings

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For a modern take on the traditional diamond engagement ring, why not opt for a diamond-set belly bar or tongue stud? Diamond body jewellery has become increasingly popular as body piercing has now become accepted by mainstream designers. Many online retailers stock intricate designs set with real diamonds that offer an elegant alternative to the traditional steel body jewellery.

5. Tooth diamonds

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Tooth jewellery is no longer just for rappers and pirates. People from all walks of life are opting for tiny diamond tooth accessories to create a really dazzling smile. It is advisable to visit a dental professional to have your jewellery fitted in order to prevent damage to your tooth enamel.

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6. Pet accessories

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Pets are often an extension of their owner’s wardrobe as many people enjoy dressing them up in diamond collars, designer outfits and cute hair accessories. You can easily mount diamonds onto a good quality leather collar for a pampered pooch or opt for a diamond-set ID tag.

7. Footwear

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Actor and TV personality Nick Cannon caused a stir after he unveiled a pair of diamond-encrusted shoes worth over $2 million on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Diamond footwear is an innovative way for both men and women to wear diamonds. If custom-made designer shoes are a little out of your price range, then diamond chips mounted on your favorite pair of shoes will work just as well.

8. Body art

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Tiny diamonds can be glued directly onto the skin to create beautiful designs that offer an attractive alternative to more permanent body art such as piercings and tattoos. Many beauty salons now offer to stick body gems onto the skin after other beauty procedures such as waxing, facials or fake tanning.

9. Hair accessories

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Diamond tiaras are usually associated with weddings and prom nights. However, smaller versions can also be worn to lend a touch of glamour to a big night out. Diamond-encrusted hair pins and clips are beautiful ways to wear diamonds and are available from many jewellers and online retailers.

10. Nail art

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Nail art featuring stick-on gems and diamond set jewellery is often worn by celebrities and fashion followers all over the world. TV presenter Kelly Osbourne went a step further by undergoing a million dollar manicure that used nail polish containing 98 carats of crushed white diamonds. A cheaper version of the polish is available from creator Azature for around $30 a bottle.

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You can purchase diamond chips cheaply from online retailers. Always be sure to thoroughly research the supplier before buying. As long as you take care not to lose any of your diamond chips when sticking them onto clothing or skin, you will be able to use them for many different projects to create an endless variety of stunning designs.