10 Creative Ways to Wear Diamonds πŸ’Ž


Diamonds make timeless, elegant accessories that add instant style and sophistication to every outfit. A 5-carat diamond engagement ring is at the top of every woman’s wish list, but not everyone can afford the hefty price tag.

Diamond chips make a cheaper and more versatile alternative as they can be worn in many different ways and are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. The following 10 πŸ’Ž ideas are new and innovative ways to wear every woman’s best friend.

1. Clothing

Adding a diamond embellishment to a few of your favourite items of clothing is a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Diamond-studded wedding and prom dresses have been around for years and are popular choices for women looking for a little extra glamour.

Just be sure to use a strong glue and professional mounting technique to create your designs.