7 Things You Must Know before Purchasing a Diamond


The diamonds are a woman’s best friends, and the reason why many women like them has a lot to do with the rarity, cost, and sparkle of the beautiful stone. I love diamonds, they are so beautiful! If you want to buy diamonds and you don’t want to be cheated, you must know a few things about diamonds before purchasing them.

1. Carats

Larger diamonds have a greater value per carat and the diamond price directly varies with the number of carats, that’s the weight of the diamond. You must know that 1 carat equals 0.2 grams. A lot of precious stones may look the same size or shape, but it’s the weight makes all the difference.

2. Diamond transparency

The diamond is clear and transparent. There are diamonds that have specific spots or marks, which are sometimes too small to be seen with the naked eye. Diamonds must be unblemished. They’re given different grades, such as IF that stands for internally flawless, Fl that stands for flawless, SI1 & SI2 that stands for slightly imperfect, VVS 1&2 that stands for very slightly imperfect, and I1,2 & 3 that stands for imperfect.

3. Diamond color

A colorless diamond is considered to be the best diamond. There are also diamonds that contain some tinges of color or impurities making them slightly yellowy. They are categorized from D to Z: D is the most colorless and Z is light yellow.

4. Diamond cuts

Diamond cuts help in determining the way the diamonds are fashioned. In fact, the cut is a major determining factor in enhancing the diamond’s ability to sparkle. There are poor, fair, good, very good, and premium cuts of the diamonds. So do study this before purchasing your diamond.

5. Diamond certificate

You might not know but there’s a diamond certificate that mentions all the specifications about the diamond you want to buy. This certificate contains information regarding carats, quality, cut, and color. You must demand the certificate just to be sure that you are purchasing an authentic diamond. GIA and AGS certificates are considered to be appropriate.

6. Observation of the diamond

Most jewelers place diamonds on black papers in order to enhance their sparkling. That’s why you should always view the diamond on a white background to study its actual quality. Don’t get cheated by following the instructions of jeweler!

7. Price of the diamond

Don’t believe those local stores or dealers who offer big discounts on diamonds. The chance is high that they may be just fooling you. Demand a proper certification and grading to see how genuine the store or dealer is. It would be also great if the store had an in-house jeweler that helps you to clarify all your doubts.

Do you like diamonds? What other things should we know before buying a diamond? Share your thoughts, please!