7 Amazing Earring Styles Most Men Like on Women


You should know that men also have some preferences in what women wear. It also concerns such a small but important detail as earrings. The fact is that every woman wears it and usually has a huge arsenal of accessories for all occasions. Tastes differ. Actually, you may prefer another style than your man, so that you may even be not aware of it! So check out these styles, they will surely make you attractive. Without doubt all eyes will be on you!

1. Pearls

When you hear about pearls, the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are only for old grannies. But do not hurry with the conclusions. Pearls are coming back into fashion and you must confess they look just stunning! They are not only for reserved mature women but for young ladies as well. Pearls look fantastic on every woman. They add some delicacy to your look, some tenderness and flirt, which will not leave any man indifferent. Moreover, there is always something mysterious and feminine in a woman wearing pearls.

2. Small golden hoops

I`m sure such earrings may be found in jewellery box of every woman. You will feel all the advantages of it. Men adore such earring style. Moreover, what is good about them is that they fit almost every style of attire. Small hoops belong to classics and will never be out of fashion. Many women are allergic to any other metal except for gold or silver. So these earrings will never cause you an allergic reaction. The secret of this style is that golden hoops create a natural look, they match skin tone and hair color. If you wear golden hoops you`ll conquer the heart of any man by your natural beauty and undeniable sense of style.

3. Diamond studs

Diamond studs look stylish, attractive and just amazing. They fit every outfit, and you may wear them casually as well as for some special occasion like a date. A pair of studs will add some elegance and delicateness to your look and will light up your face. They belong to the group of jewellery that are forever in fashion and always elegant. You can also notice that as you get the diamond studs you`ll have them for entire life. Moreover, they would make a perfect gift from your beloved man.

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4. Metal knots

This is another earring style which you should reconsider. It`s a stereotype that such earrings are only for older women. A beautiful crisscross design is very classy and will be perfect for any young lady. They will give you a touch of glamour, charm and uniqueness. They are never boring but always in fashion! Metal knots make girls look pretty and absolutely brilliant! Once you get your knots you will wear them with delight and receive compliments for a perfect sense of style.

5. Metal studs

It is very easy to find metal studs which could match your demands. They come in all possible metals to your choice, in various shapes and forms, and in different colors. You should find a pair that would suit your eye color, skin tone and hair shade. These earrings make any look irresistible and complete. An ideally chosen pair of studs will always come in hand for you. Elegance, style, natural beauty and fantastic look are guaranteed!

6. Two-toned

No matter which one you`ve got, with diamonds or pearls, with a golden ring or silver, it is one of the styles that men love. Such earrings contribute to your natural beauty and accentuate your best features. Probably this very quality makes them so popular and desired jewellery among women and among men as well. The only disadvantage may be the price. Two-tones are rather expensive, but once you have them you`ll love them for life. Feel free to ask for a discount or look for a good sale and buy the most desirous earrings.

7. Huggies

This variation of common classic hoops is also worth our attention. Generally, they are small and thick hoops decorated with stones or diamonds of various colors. These earrings are thought to be the most favored by men as they buy earrings exactly of this type for their beloved as a gift. And they make a good choice for a gift! You will love your huggies and will wear them almost all the time and on any occasion.

So now you have a few earring style to choose from to please your men`s eyes. I`m sure you have some of them in your boxes. Put them on and you’ll see that you shouldn’t have hidden them for such a long time. Be free from stereotypes, and you will catch people`s glances on you! Tell me, which earrings would you like to wear?