7 Amazing Earring Styles Most Men Like on Women


You should know that men also have some preferences in what women wear. It also concerns such a small but important detail as earrings. The fact is that every woman wears it and usually has a huge arsenal of accessories for all occasions. Tastes differ. Actually, you may prefer another style than your man, so that you may even be not aware of it! So check out these styles, they will surely make you attractive. Without doubt all eyes will be on you!

1. Pearls

When you hear about pearls, the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are only for old grannies. But do not hurry with the conclusions. Pearls are coming back into fashion and you must confess they look just stunning! They are not only for reserved mature women but for young ladies as well. Pearls look fantastic on every woman. They add some delicacy to your look, some tenderness and flirt, which will not leave any man indifferent. Moreover, there is always something mysterious and feminine in a woman wearing pearls.