11 Most Popular Types of Necklaces


Necklaces come in a fascinating array of types and styles. If you’re looking to expand your jewellery collection with some stylish necklaces, consider the following types that can be worn in all sorts of wonderful ways for various occasions. Experiment with different types and choose the most flattering ones.

1. Single Strand Pendant

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A single strand necklace featuring a silver or gold chain and a focal point pendant is one of the most common types of necklaces. However, there is a vast array of pendants that can make this style utterly unique. Your pendant might feature a precious gemstone or a small charm. You can wear this type of necklace with anything from dresses to most tops.

2. Beads

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Beaded necklace styles have been popular since ancient times. Today, women wear necklaces made with glass beads, crystal beads, clay beads, and even crocheted seed beads. Beaded necklaces may be artisan created or designed by crafters. Beaded styles look great with casual dresses, a sweater and jeans, or even a T-shirt.

3. Lariat

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The lariat is a unique type of necklace that is incredibly versatile. Traditionally, lariat styles are long so that the wearer can arrange them in numerous ways depending on what she is wearing. Think of the lariat as a long rope-like or beaded chain that can be doubled or worn in a single strand. Typically, one end of the chain fits through a loop at the other end of the chain in most lariat styles. This necklace can be worn casually or with formal clothing.

4. Sautoir

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Similar to a lariat, the sautoir is a long necklace that suspends a pendant with a tassel. The tassel might be created with seed beads, seed pearls, or even crystals. These necklaces were traditionally worn with fancy attire, but it depends on the materials used to make the necklace whether it is right for a formal or casual setting. If the sautoir is made from inexpensive beads, you can wear it with a plain top as a decorative accent.

5. Charm Necklace

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Similar to the charm bracelet, the charm necklace is popularly worn today. Charm necklaces are fun and casual. They might be thematic in nature or simply feature charms that are relevant to the wearer. From holiday-themed charm necklaces to vintage charm necklaces, there are many options to consider when purchasing or even making these necklaces.

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6. Multi-Strand Chains

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If you’re wearing a low-cut dress or top, you can show off a multi-strand necklace to great effect. Whether your necklace features braided silver or gold chains or chains studded with precious materials like jade or lapis lazuli, these necklaces tend to be showy, which is why they are often worn formally. However, you could easily pass off the right necklace with a crisp white top and jeans.

7. Choker

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The choker-style necklace may be made with many different types of materials such as a metal chain, ribbon, or beads. The choker is an elegant necklace type that is most often worn with formal attire such as an evening dress or even a bridal gown. Chokers often feature a focal element like a precious gem or even a cameo.

8. Bib

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The bib-style necklace features elements hanging down from the neckline in a bib-like fashion. There are many bib styles, but all reflect that bib-like decorative element. Such necklaces might feature precious gems, precious metal chains, base metals, beads, or other semi-precious materials that hang down from the chain in a bib-like manner. These necklaces are often statement pieces so wear them when you want to draw attention.

9. Gems

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A gem-encrusted necklace might be worn around the collar or even longer. Strewn with precious gems, these necklaces tend to be valuable and may be worn for special occasions. Necklaces made from gems might feature diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, or other gems. These necklaces might also feature a combination of gems and precious materials in their design.

10. Altered Art

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Altered art necklaces are particularly popular today. These necklaces often feature mixed materials from faux pearls to vintage lockets. Created by crafters and artisans, these pieces often showcase costume jewellery remade into a unique necklace that can be worn for any occasion. Wear your altered art necklace with a casual dress or even jeans and a turtleneck top.

11. Shoulder necklace

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Shoulder necklaces are significantly underrated. This soft, ultra-feminine and simply beautiful type of necklace will instantly jazz up your look. While many women think shoulder necklaces are ideal for weddings only, be bold enough to wear it on a daily basis or when you want to look fabulous.

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If you enjoy jewellery, you might want to own all these types of necklaces. You can wear them in many different ways and you’ll always have an eye-catching accent to display. What’s your favorite type of necklace? Do you wear it each day?