10 Surprising Things Your Jewellery Says about You


Even when you quietly enter a room, you make a statement with your jewellery. Those in the know can decode your personality before they even learn your name. Does that make choosing the right pair of earrings difficult? Don’t worry, I’ve have the decoder. Here’s what your jewellery is saying about you right now.


1. Look at me!

When you wear bling, the sparkles tell everyone that you want to be noticed. Someone who enjoys attention is confident and ready to take on the world or even just tonight’s party. You are not afraid to wear bright statement jewellery and you don’t care about what others think or say about you.  

2. I’m an original

If you like handmade jewellery, you enjoy having something no one else has. When you wear your favorite pieces, you are expressing your originality. Sometimes these pieces are funky, and that look says a lot about your innate originality too. You want no part of the crowd or its agenda.  

3. I’m looking for meaning in life

Women who wear heirloom jewellery appreciate their family traditions. Heirloom jewellery always has a story, and you love stories. You like telling people why one piece or another is special. You also enjoy connecting to your familial roots or to your special ability to find treasures at estate sales.  

4. I want it all

Are you a Tiffany girl? Do you have to have at least one piece that represents the latest fad? If this sounds like you, you are all about trends, fashion, and the better things in life. You want to have every piece of jewellery and you want to wear it all. However, don’t overdo it. Wearing too many jewellery rarely works and you may end up looking like a doll.  

5. I’m honest, pure, and really classy

Pearls never go out of style even if they aren’t part of the latest trend. This is the jewellery to wear when you meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. It’s also perfect for a job interview. If you enjoy wearing pearls, do it as often as possible.

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6. I’m sexy

Dangling earrings are sexy for a reason: they move. If you go dancing, sexy earrings move with you, catching the light. However, sensuality is not appropriate in the workplace. That’s why you should save your dangling earrings for the evening.  

7. I’m kind and would make a good friend

Do you have a pair of earrings that look like flowers? Do you have a necklace charm that recalls a cat or a butterfly? Jewellery that represents something whimsical tells people that you have an outgoing personality. You are fun and would probably make a good and well-trusted friend.  

8. I’m friendly and approachable

Small- and medium-sized hoop earrings accentuate your smile. In the same way, a simple circular necklace communicates openness to new people, ideas, and adventures. Be careful, however. Large hoop earrings don’t send the same message. In fact, oversized hoops can be intimidating.  

9. I’m hiding my flaws

Smart women wear jewellery in order to enhance their best features. If you are concerned about your hips or stomach, wear great earrings or multiple necklaces to bring people’s eyes to your face. If you want to appear tall and thin, wear a deep necklace to elongate your body.  

10. I have things to do

In this day of cell phones that give us the time, wearing a watch sends the message that you are practical. You are busy and don’t have time to be obsessed with your phone. A watch is a great piece to wear to an important meeting. In the same way, angular jewellery makes a strong statement. Wear a watch with your unadorned angular earrings and watch the world acquiesce to your will.

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  You send a message when you choose your jewellery for a night out, a job interview, or even a day at work or school, so embrace what your usual choice says about you. Your affinity for certain pieces is part of who you are. However, if you have a special occasion that deserves a particular message, choose carefully. A divergence from the usual may be smart.