How to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

How to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

Gold is one of the most precious metals that does not lose its value over time. However, there are many fakes that can look just like real gold.

How to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

To avoid being cheated when buying gold jewelry, it is important to know how to distinguish real gold from fakes.

How to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

In this video compilation, you will find useful information on how to identify real gold. You will be told about different ways to test the quality of gold, including the use of a magnet, acid, water, and other methods.

How to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

Simple improvised means can determine the authenticity of gold jewelry, to understand whether it has gold at all or it is a common fake. Let's list all the basic methods how to do it.


Real Aurum as an element has very weak magnetic properties. Therefore, if you bring the item to the magnet and the attraction will be perceptible, then it is a fake or the alloy is too high in third-party materials.

Lodine, Vinegar, Ammonia

Alkaline media and alcoholic liquids are excellent for demonstrating the chemical properties of metals. If you drop a little iodine, vinegar, alcohol or ammonia on real gold jewelry, nothing will happen. In this case, white gold with silver content should turn red, while fake gold will noticeably darken in the chemical reaction.

Bread Pulp

A very old method of checking the authenticity of gold jewelry, which was used in the old days. The jewelry is rolled in bread crumbs, and if after a few days there is no trace of oxidation, then the gold is real.


Unburnt porcelain or tiles are excellent for tactile testing of gold jewelry. You should rub the product on the ceramic surface, and if the trace is yellowish, then all is well. A dark trace means counterfeit gold using pyrite.

Silver Nitrate (Lapis)

A medicine known for cauterizing wounds, lapis, containing silver nitrate, is excellent for checking the authenticity of gold jewelry. You should moisten the surface of the gold piece with water and rub it with a lapis pencil. If there is no color change on the surface, it means that the jewelry is worth its money, but the darkening of the surface means that it is a fake.


Each of the above methods in a different degree accurately determines the authenticity of gold jewelry, using them in combination, you can conduct your own analysis and get the desired result. It is better to check the assay of gold using the services of specialists in the jewelry niche, it is impossible to do it at home.