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8 Useful Tips on How to Choose Jewelry for the Prom

Choose Jewelry for the Prom

Great news for all the graduates! If you want to shine at your prom and look unique, we've got something special for you.

Choose Jewelry for the Prom

In our publication we have collected 8 useful tips for choosing prom jewelry. They will help you look incredibly beautiful and highlight your personality.


Make sure that the jewelry you choose won't interfere with your dancing or moving.

Look to the Side of Your Dress

Choose jewelry that will accentuate its beauty, but not drown it out.

Jewelry Size

If your dress is very bright and saturated, choose small, delicate jewelry; if you've chosen a more discreet outfit, you can afford larger pieces of jewelry.

Match Your Jewelry to Your Skin Type

If you have a cool skin tone, choose silver or platinum jewelry; if you have a warm skin tone, gold jewelry will go better with your color type.

Don't Forget About Form-Fitting

If your dress has a pronounced geometric shape, choose jewelry with softer, more graceful lines.


Choose jewelry that not only fits into your outfit, but also into your everyday closet.

Pay Attention to the Color of the Dress

If your dress has a bright color, choose jewelry that will harmonize with it.