Silver vs. Gold: How to Choose the Right Jewellery


Whether you’re shopping for jewellery for a loved one or you are looking for a new necklace or bracelet for yourself, the choice usually comes down to gold or silver. These tips will help you determine which precious metal you will wear and how to buy it.

What’s your style?

What type of jewellery do you like? Do you prefer a few good pieces of fine jewellery or would you rather have more costume jewellery for variety? Do you have any idea what your significant other likes as far as jewellery?

If you’re shopping for yourself and you’re trying to determine the best style, look for jewellery in the store. This way you can try things on and see how it looks. Wear the shirt or blouse you plan to wear with the jewellery. Even if you are shopping online, look for similar pieces in store too see how it looks. Bring a friend to help you out.

If you’re shopping for someone else and you have plenty of time, check out what they are wearing from day to day. You can see what they like and what they stay away from. If possible, ask them about their preference. Just because they have all gold jewellery doesn’t mean they don’t want to expand their collection with more silver.

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What goes best with your skin tone?

Just because you like gold or silver, doesn’t mean it won’t work equally well with your looks. First, determine your skin tone. The wrist is a good place to start. Cool skin tones have bluish colored veins. This doesn’t always mean pale skin. Even people with dark or tan skin can have cool skin tones. If your veins are a greenish color, you have warm skin tone. Those with red or strawberry blonde hair usually have warm skin tones.

If you have cool skin tone, silver, white gold and platinum jewellery will match your skin well. Those with warm skin tone should stick with gold, brass and copper. Sure, these aren’t rules. You can vary your choice of gold and silver according to your preference.

Durability and cost

Color isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re choosing between gold or silver. Is one more durable or expensive than the other? It is well-known that gold is much more expensive than silver. This is because it is a rare metal.

Sterling silver jewellery is beautiful, but it can tarnish over time. Gold is available in yellow, rose and white. Each one is treated differently and can affect the durability. Also, the amount of gold or silver in the piece can make a difference. All jewellery made of real gold or silver should have markings that tell you whether it is gold or silver. Sterling silver will be marked as ‘sterling’ or with the number ‘925’. Gold jewellery will be marked with the karats such as 14k gold.

Whether you buy gold or silver jewellery, it must be taken care of properly. Clean each piece regularly with the correct cleaning formula. Store the jewellery in a dry place and not in the attic or basement where temperatures and the environment fluctuate. Some pieces need to be dipped or treated by your jeweller. Don’t miss any scheduled maintenance if you want to keep your jewellery looking its best, especially when it comes to gold and silver.

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If you’re preparing to buy an expensive piece of gold or silver jewellery, ask the clerk to help you. At any fine jewellery store, the clerk should be knowledgeable enough to help you make the right decision for yourself or your loved one. Once you’ve chosen the right jewellery, wear it as often as possible to show your appreciation and love for your new necklace, bracelet or ring.