7 Tips to Remember When Buying Designer Jewellery


Buying designer jewellery is not as simple as it sounds. Jewellery is very expensive and when it’s designer-made it adds to the expense. That’s why it’s necessary to take a decision of buying designer jewellery, not impulsively, but after a well-thought process. Check out some tips to remember when buying designer jewellery.

1. Make a list of the features

Make a clear list of the features that you’re looking for in your designer jewellery. But make this list on your own without any suggestions from your friends or family. Remember, you’re the one investing in this jewellery, so it must be your decision. Do research on different patterns or features you could have on your jewellery and accordingly make a list.

2. Don’t wear uncomfortable jewellery

It’s okay to experiment and try something new, but wearing something that you’re not comfortable with, is a huge mistake. Design your jewellery such that you will feel comfortable in wearing it and can enjoy the privileges of owning it to the fullest!

3. Choose an experienced jewellery designer

It’s important to choose an experienced jewellery designer. Ask your friends or coworkers about jewellery designers they know. Do a background check of the designer you’re going to choose. You can also speak to other clients of the designer.

4. Trust your designer’s opinion

You have to learn to trust your designer’s opinion. He/she is a trained person who is up-to-date with the latest trends. Therefore, consider your designer’s expert opinion while designing your jewellery. Don’t block your designer’s creativity, trust him/her!

5. Choose colors carefully

When you choose the gemstones for your jewellery, choose them carefully. Pick the color of stone that will go with the color of your skin. White pastels stones are meant for women with a paler complexion, while dark colored suit women with dusky complexion.

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6. Check your jewellery for quality

One of the most recommended ways to check your metal and gemstones for quality is to ask for certification. Don’t be afraid to demand for certification of genuineness. Don’t go by the appearance or look of the jewellery that it’s real. Carefully check the harmony of the design, materials, the textures, the finish, and the colors.

7. Consider your face shape

While designing your jewellery, consider the shape of your face. If you have a short neck, it’s better to avoid wearing chokers. You can wear necklace that starts from below your neck. Chokers are perfect for woman with a long neck. If you have a round face, avoid wearing round studs. Instead wear broad or thin earrings.

Do you have any tips to remember when buying designer jewellery? Share them with us, please.